Today was mentally exhausting, but you are not here to read about my personal life problems. I ended up doing a great deal of walking today. I walked around a mile to a nail salon and got a pedicure. That felt amazing. I was able to have a great conversation with the woman working on me. I then walked additional mile back to the hospital where the surgery was preformed to refill my pain medicine. I have started reducing my pain med intake. I now take 10mg oxycodone every 5-6 hours. The pain is getting much more bareable. The gas pressure is decreased greatly by walking.The gas pressure is the most painful part of this whole procedure. During the hand assisted laproscopic surgery they inflate your abdomen with a gas and what is left from that is what causes gas pressure.  My biggest piece of advice to anyone undergoing the surgery would be to remain active! Walk. Even if it isn't fast. Or far. Your endurance will build up and you will feel better. After picking up my meds I was getting tired so I decided to walk another mile back to the hotel. My pace slowed dramatically on this last leg of the journey. I may have over done the last mile because I was starting to feel pain in my belly with every step I would take.

    All that walking did me some good though! I, for the first time since surgery, was actually hungry! I ordred a pizza and ate 2 whole pieces (minus crusts)! That was dramatically increased compared to any other meal I had eaten. I didn't even take a nap today! But, boy, am I tired!
Scott B
12/1/2013 02:29:43 pm

Pizza bones are not designed to be eaten. You did well to discard them.


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