Today was all over the place. I barely slept 3 hours because I had slept so much the day before. My mother left at 5AM to catch her flight back to Colorado. I had my last appointment of this trip at 830AM. The Dr's said everything went well and I was recovering great! I was just notified that I had been doing a little "too much" activity. So I guess it is time to slow down and really let my body heal. I had another interview and took lots of photos with a team from the University of Florida. I am hoping they are able to use my story for donation awareness.

    After the Dr appointment I headed straight to the airport. Today I get to come home! The first flight was just to Atlanta so it was only an hour. I did take a wheelchair to my connecting flight because it was literally the furthest away tht it could have possibly been from my first gate and the Atlanta airport is huge. I was really slow and didn't want to risk missing my flight or even getting bumped by a stranger who was in a hurry. The second flight went straight to San Diego and was 4 hours long. There was some mishap with my seating so I ended up in the back of the plane in a middle seat. Luckily for me the people I was in between were not easily bothered. It was very uncomfortable after the first 2 hours. I was fidgeting and wiggling. My back hurt, my abdomen hurt...everything hurt. I was just ready to get home. I just had to suck it up and it was worth it. I landed in San Diego and was greeted by surprise by some members of the Motorcycle Club I am a part of. It was so nice to see my family again. Eric was also there to pick me, and my luggage up (since I am not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds for the next 6 weeks). I made it home just in time to see the 49ers win over the Redskins and spend some much missed time with my dog! Now it is time to hop in my own bed and get some rest!

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    My name is Valerie. I am a heavily tattooed, agnostic, motorcycle rider. I am also a Living Kidney Donor.