Hello everyone! Not too much has changed since yesterday. Recovery is still going very well. My cousin Jamie drove up to visit from Tampa today to visit. We went on a nice walk down a nature trail. I guess I never realized we were in actual Gator country until I saw signs posted saying "Beware of Gators!"I also got bit by a few mosquitoes... Kind of gross, but medically relivant, my bowels have been very active today and I have been passing a lot of gas. It is such a relief of pressure! If you have read my other posts I have stated that the gas pressure from the inflation during the surgery was the most painful part of recovery. After today I feel I have FINALLY removed nearly all of the gas pressure! My daily walks have been such a big help to my recovery.
     I just realized this morning that the largest of my incisions has been leaking fluids. It gradually increased over the past 2 days. I have been told it is a normal part of healing and is just drainage. There is no pain, inflammation or redness. My incisions are starting to get itchy though! As I was growing up I was told by my mother that if your wound was getting itchy it meant that it was healing. So this is just great news!
    I am still not eating like I was before the surgery, but my appetite is back. I ate a large-to-me late lunch/early dinner at Olive Garden. I was the one to actually request the food, so that is new.
    I have recieved word that I was seen on a news program in Oklahoma City and Denver. NBC 7 in San Diego contacted me today through this web site. They told me that they ran a short story about Christine and I last night and I did a brief phone interview for them exclusively. A former classmate of mine, Josh Jones, contacted them with my story and they followed through. I watched the story online and the reporter botched it pretty bad. He stated the wrong dates and badly messed up both my first and last name. I am still thrilled at the opportunity to have my story presented though! With all this publicity at once it was bound to happen that someone would mess it up a little. NBC 7 is planning on doing a face to face interview when I am back in San Diego and posting a follow up story. This publicity has also brought about new contributors to my donation site and for that I am extremely thankful!

    I want to take this last section to just say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through this. I do not have a very large family so it is very meaningful to me to have good thoughts and prayers coming from so many different people across the globe. All of this positive thinking brought on by my supporters has made my healing process so much easier. I have he

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