Well I don't even know where to start today. It has been so busy! I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I had a phone interview with a woman that works for Facebook's Consumer Communications Team. Today was also full of interviews. Basically from sun up to sun down! This morning I had a phone interview with someone from "People" magazine. Followed by an afternoon Skype interview with a gentleman from WFLA (local Tampa news station). This one aired already. This link is attached as a separate page labeled "First TV Interview".

IMMEDIATELY after we closed the Skype conversation a woman from ABC Action News called and scheduled an interview for 6PM. It was around 4PM at the time.
At 6PM we welcomed 2 wonderful women who had driven all the way from Tampa to get a face to face interview with us. It went very well and it airs tonight at 11PM on ABC in Tampa. I will post a link once it is available online. It is possible the CNN will be picking up this story as well.

I felt rather good today too. I was a bit exhausted from yesterday. I overdid it a little bit. It is not the best idea to walk 3+ miles a week after surgery. My gas pressure had been decreasing greatly. The only time I really feel it is when I wake up and have been laying still for an extended period of time. As I sit up and get out of bed I can feel the gas moving around and it is rather uncomfortable. As soon as I start walking it dissipates. I was able to eat an entire bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell today. My belly actually grumbled and told me I was hungry today! Yay! I am getting my appetite back! Over all, today was a great day! I could not be happier with my progression and recovery.
Scott B
12/1/2013 02:26:50 pm

We need to talk. When a person has problems with gas, and they rush to Taco Bell for lunch... ;)

1/8/2015 12:22:47 pm

I realize your kidney donation was over a year ago and just wanted to know how you are doing now? I'm also about to donate my kidney to a Dr. I work with and have been doing a lot of reading on living donors.

Valerie Brown
1/9/2015 02:57:29 am

I'm actually doing great! I feel better now than I did before the surgery. I have been humbled by the world around me.


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