Today was overall a pretty great day! I had a rough night’s sleep because of an abundance of gas build up in my shoulders, chest and abdomen. Add that in with some wild dreams from the pain meds. I thought the day was going to be rough. I took a nice long, hot shower to start with. Spent some time doing my hair and make-up and put my contacts in. Wore me regular (but extra loose) clothes. Today I wanted to look like a normal person again. With this all done I was already starting to feel better. I had half of a half of a pop tart for breakfast then we loaded up in the car.

We ventured to the Museum of Natural History and Butterfly Garden at the college campus. We took a nice easy stroll through the butterfly garden and through the museums. It felt great! I brought along my kidney pillow to use to apply pressure when there was pain and also to protect my wounds from strangers bumping into me. We did take several break to sit throughout this adventure but the stimulation and fresh air was wonderful! I regret not doing more outside the day before. Walking really helps to break up and spread the gas remaining from the surgery and keeps my spirits up high.

               After the museum we went to “The Wing Stop”. (This is also the same place where I first met Christine in person!) We had to sit at a low table with chairs. I am far from ready to sit at high bar stools with no support. I ordered from the kids menu and ate 3 chicken nuggets before a wild hiccup caught me off guard. OUCH! That was my first experience with severe stabbing pain since the surgery. I was unprepared and it caused me to lose what little of an appetite that I did have. I sat the rest of the meal applying pressure to my kidney pillow hoping that I did not hiccup again, and if I did I would be ready. Applying pressure when something like that happens helps immensely. I can only think, “Man, if that one hiccup hurt that bad, what would a sneeze feel like?” Let’s hope I don’t have to explain that pain next.

               After dinner we came back to the hotel and took a much needed nap from such an adventurous day. Woke up to just stay in the rest of the night and cuddle and watch movies. Oh! I also received a nice shoulder rub to help alleviate some of the pressure of gas build up. Thanks!

11/19/2013 05:18:00 pm

Awesome to see that you are lucid...seems like your spirit is growing everyday...again,you are awesome for your contribution.....sooper trooper...I won't keep you...just a hello and a get well soon...your bike mosses you terribly...


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