Today has been full of ups and downs. Early in the morning (5AM) I finally had my first bowel movement. Man that was an experience. The Dr.’s told me yesterday that I would be able to be released after I had some sort of bowel movement. So I became determined to get set free. Throughout the night I drank Smooth moves tea, warm prune juice, taken stool softeners. Nothing was doing it and I was so bloated I was in immense pain. I had also stopped taking my pain meds because they are known to cause constipation. The Dr.s had been suggesting a suppository for a couple days now and at 130AM I decided it was time! I found my wonderful nurse Sam and she got me what I needed. I requested to do the process myself (it was just too uncomfortable for me to let anyone else do it…). Sam gave me instructions and off I went. Nothing seemed to happen. I had been told from others that suppositories take effect almost immediately. Even spent some time online reading and not many say anything will take longer than 2 hours. I was constantly in and out of bed trying to help the process along and relieve pain at the same time. I did countless walks around the hospital that night. I did not sleep that night. Finally at around 5AM I had my first bowel movement! Immediate relief. The mental relief was great too because I knew I was able to leave soon too!

In the hospital I mostly just pushed around my food for breakfast. The Dry’s came through and I was excited to see them for the first time. I felt like a little kid going through potty training because right when they came in I hollered “I POOPED!” They laughed and smiled as did I. They then informed me that as long as my labs came back normal I would be released. Oh happy day! This means I am going to get some real sleep without being woken every couple hours or less.

I was discharged at around noon. Went to CVS to pick up my pain medication and gathered some things for the hotel room such as snacks, a coloring book and fingernail polish. I walked a few times around the outside of the hotel nice and slowly. But mostly I just needed sleep. I slept great this first night out of the hospital. I discovered that I can kind of half way lay on my left side. This released a HUGE gas bubble that causes some pain, but it needs to be dealt with at some point or another.

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