Today was moderate. Things are definitely healing. Early in the morning I decided to stop using my morphine pump and opted for oral pain pills. I personally have to keep track of the times I take the pills and have to request them after 4 hours. If I request them even one minute before they come in with a pain shot. I didn’t have very nice nurses throughout the past night or day. After begging for food for a few days I was finally allowed to eat! I ordered but couldn’t even eat what I ordered. I lost my appetite, of course. (Knowing you can’t have something makes you want it more!) I started drinking colored liquid and drinking a little bit of broth. I did several small laps and a couple large laps of walking. It really helps to relieve the gas pressure. The majority of pain from this procedure comes from gas build up and not the actual incisions.

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    My name is Valerie. I am a heavily tattooed, agnostic, motorcycle rider. I am also a Living Kidney Donor.