Today was hard. I did a couple small laps around my floor at the hospital. It is motivation for me to do walks because when I do I get to check in on Christine as her room was just at the other end of the hallway. Last night was very bad. Someone was always coming or doing in my room and not allowing me to sleep. They came in to monitor my vitals, give me shots, take my bloods, safety checks…I hate being woken up on a good day, much less on a bad day. I got about 1 solid continuous hour of sleep. When I awoke I was in extreme pain. I didn’t even think/realize that when I slept I was not able to deliver pain medication to myself. I was later informed that if you wanted oral pain meds you had to ASK for them! So any hope for good sleep meant I had to ask the nurses for pain pills before I fell asleep. That was nearly impossible. I had been able to urinate a few times which was good. I was put on a clear liquid diet. Ice chips and clear Gatorade. The Drs asked if I wanted a suppository to help move my bowels. I turned down and opted for other methods.

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